Molecular formula : I 2

Molecular weight : 253.8

CAS No.7553-56-2

shape and properties : This product is a gray purple or light blue black brittle small crystals, with metallic luster, strong penetrability, stimulation and spicy taste. Can slowly evaporate at room temperature, heating can be completely volatilize into purple vapor, can be cooled into shallow blue black crystalline sublimate.

Iodine use : Iodine is manufacturing inorganic or iodide basic raw material, is in the human body or plant necessary nutrition elements, in medicine, agriculture, dye, metallurgy, synthetic rubber, defense and advanced technology have been widely used.

  1. Iodine has strong sterilization effect, mainly used in medicine.
  2. In agriculture, iodine is manufacture agricultural raw materials.
  3. In the dye industry, iodine is synthetic organic dye materials.
  4. In illume respect: with iodine system iodine tungsten lamp, photometric Ming, with indium iodide, thallium iodide and other manufacturing belt color lamp.
  5. In the food industry, iodic acid sodium can change the quality of bread, potassium iodate can be used as iodized salt additive, in feed add iodinated protein, can prevent a variety of diseases.
  6. Iodine in the chemical industry as a catalyst in chemical synthesis industry for the synthesis of methyl iodide, iodine ethane, in metallurgy iodine used for refining high purity metal titanium, cobalt, silicon and germanium.


FOB Price: USD46000/TON
Minimum Order: 1Ton
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C

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